My clients are using a platform which charges more than 123.EXPERT, can I reduce their costs?

Yes, 123.EXPERT has a transparent flat fee of 18% on all engagements.

If they require freelance talent simply ask your client to register their project on the 123.EXPERT platform here Find IT Freelancers.

For subcontractor, contractor or fixed-term/permanent employee basis engagements, refer your client to this link Find IT Personnel.

So that we may then assign you to your client/s, you should also register on our platform, with your LinkedIn account or via your email address by clicking Find Projects.

(Last modified on June 23rd, 2022 at 7:51 am)

For on-hire, contractor, fixed-term or permanent personnel please click here: Find IT Personnel

If you require further general assistance please contact the 123.EXPERT team by clicking here: Contact 123.EXPERT

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