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How it Works

1. Post your project brief online:
The 123.EXPERT team will then contact you to discuss your project

2. Top-Tier talent apply:
Within 72 hours you will receive candidate proposals from a curated choice that best fits your skills and experience criteria

3. Make your choice:
If you need additional help along the way, the 123.EXPERT team is always here to assist you. You may also optionally telephone interview candidates to ensure they’re just right for your needs whilst we prepare the contracts saving you further time and cost


You’re now free to focus on your project:
123.EXPERT handles all of the administration such as time recording and invoicing, leaving you free to focus on milestones and deliverables

Our Guarantee

○ Personal Service
Digital platforms do not have to be impersonal. 123.EXPERT is a full-service consulting firm, our team will personally support your projects and goals.

○ Rapid Response
Handpicked talent matched to your project will be proposed within 72 hours, often within a few hours. We appreciate the value of your time.

○ Excellence
Top-Tier vetted Experts curated to your requirements. Less than 25% of freelance applicants meet our rigorous selection criteria.

Deep Expertise

○ Rudimentary talent marketplaces typically offer a few genuine Experts. At 123.EXPERT they’re the only Experts we work with.

○ Our talent pool of technologically savvy professionals have the pragmatism borne of experience in industry. They are committed, energetic, and adaptable.

○ Our Experts are required to possess a college degree and several years of unbroken experience in their area of practice.

○ Many of our Experts have worked at some of the worlds leading consultancies and tech firms,  including:


Project Management @ 123.expert
Do we need a specialist project manager?

Server / Network Administration @ 123.expert
Is our IT achieving desired outcomes?

Cyber Security @ 123.expert
How do we manage cyber security?

Core Business @ 123.expert
How well does technology enable the core business?

Business IT Alignment @ 123.expert
How do we optimize business-IT alignment?

Cloud Migration @ 123.expert
How do we migrate to a cloud without leaving people behind?

Why use 123.EXPERT?

○ Smarter choice
Fulfill your requirements, from one-off projects to permanent recruitment with our mix of talent, technology and service.

○ Deep of Expertise
Utilize the depth of the 123.EXPERT talent pool to discover technologically savvy Experts for any region, sector or functional need.

○ Precision Matching
Receive only the most relevant curated matches. Get your project started faster.

○ Agile Resourcing
Flex your teams on demand. 123.EXPERT’s talent pool of Experts are available on demand, ready to go, with rapid onboarding and delivery.

○ Transparent Pricing & Great Value
Set a budget up front and pay for only the talent you utilise.

○  123.EXPERT is the first and only 100% Australian owned and operated network-based consulting firm. 🇦🇺

For more reasons to join 123.EXPERT see the 123.EXPERT FAQs for Clients or the 123.EXPERT FAQs for Experts